Photon Energy Case Study

St Marys Rugby League Club Commits to Renewables

St Marys, NSW, Australia

St Marys Rugby League Club

Rooftop Installation Capacity

450 kWp


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The rooftop PV installation will provide savings of an estimated $100,000 per year

  • Photon Energy provided the full value stack of EPC solutions, from development and design to O&M 

  • 25% reduction in annual expenses, including projected LGC value

  • Avoided emissions of 412 tCO2e annually

  • A 680 kWp solar carpark expansion is expected to be completed in 2024 in collaboration with the construction company FDC 

The Challenge

Formed in 1908, St Marys Rugby League Club is the oldest Rugby League Club in the Penrith District Rugby League. 

As is the case with other rugby clubs in Australia, St Marys’ electricity costs are increasing, and becoming more and more volatile. As part of a detailed feasibility study, Photon Energy investigated the optimum sizing for an on-site PV installation to help overcome hurdles related to operational costs. 

Due to the available roof space, a combination of rooftop PV and a solar carpark was proposed to match the load required.  

The first stage of the project was the design and construction of the rooftop system. 

Preliminary Works 

We spent a great deal of time on the preliminary works around the structural assessment and practicality of the build. As the rooftop was comprised of multiple sections, the design was optimised to allow for a system that can easily be maintained in the future. 

Distribution of Load  

Due to the presence of multiple meters and multiple loads, a design optimisation phase ensured optimum consumption of solar PV at the site, which also took the future solar carpark into consideration. 


The project had to be constructed with minimum impact to the Club’s visitors. We provided a detailed project schedule and plan which was received with positive feedback from St Marys during the implementation phase. 

“Photon Energy sees the importance of growing healthy sustainable communities, we see clubs as an integral cornerstone to this end, whether that be in sport, community gatherings or community support. It’s an honour to be able to help clubs become more sustainable and while doing so, support the wider community.” 

Joshua Harvey, General Manager, Photon Energy Australia 

The Solution

Once successfully installed, the solar rooftop system had an immediate impact on the load, as well as the expected cost savings from the point of commissioning. The installation is expected to deliver an attractive payback and estimated savings in the vicinity of $100,000 per year; a combination of electricity savings and LGCs. 

In addition to the financial benefits, the completion of the solar system allows St Marys to demonstrate its commitment to ESG and sustainability. 

“At St Marys Rugby League Club, we are committed to environmental sustainability and accept our responsibility to achieve environmental best practice throughout our business operations. We know how important sustainability and reducing the Club’s impact on the environment is to our members and the community. That is why the Board approved a $6 million solar energy carpark expansion which will significantly reduce our environmental impact, and power the Club during daylight hours.” 

Rod Desborough, CEO, St Marys Rugby League Club 

The planned 680kW solar carpark expansion is the result of a collaboration between the construction company FDC and Photon Energy, who have already completed numerous successful projects together. 

As well as the overall sustainability, energy security and cost-saving benefits of an on-site solar power system, the solar carpark will be able to facilitate EV chargers that can be directly powered by the carpark structures. It will also provide a unique aesthetic enhancement the club and provide welcome shade to visitors during the hot summer months. 

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